Welcome to the Colorado Emergency Management Association

Role of CEMA

CEMA is a professional association representing over 160 members of the emergency management community in Colorado. CEMA's role is to provide representation on many state-wide committees, working groups and emergency management program teams. Furthermore, CEMA serves as an advisory organization to governance bodies on emergency management issues. CEMA's other roles include managing the state certification program, legislative monitoring, awards /recognition program and membership services.

Goals and Objectives of CEMA

  • Increase the profile of CEMA with other professional associations.
  • Represent CEMA's interests on state-wide issues.
  • Increase the relationship and presence of CEMA in DHSEM and represent the voice of emergency managers from across our great state.
  • Increase communications and involvement with our membership
2016 - 2017 Goals
  • Improve membership services and value to members.
    • Develop a resource center on our website and/or in drop box for emergency managers to post plans, exercises, training curriculum and relevant EM information.
    • Develop a process to recruit, process and welcome new members.
    • Develop a reliable membership database and implement a new membership management system. 
    • Implement access to membership profiles within the membership management system.
    • Implement an IAEM scholarship program for 2-3 people to attend the IAEM's annual conference on a full all expenses paid scholarship. 
  •  Improve communication with membership.
    • Enhance communications with our membership: with not just the google group.
    • Share information using pod casts that will provide updates and also interviews of people of the moment and of interest.
  • Certification
    • Develop a pathway for life & professional experience to become an associates level certified EM.
    •  Promote the Certification process and implement an automated certification management process. 
  • Awards and recognition program
    • Update the current CEMA awards program to include new awards and elimination of outdated awards.
  • On line- Membership Process
    • Move away from the various services such as Pay Pal, Survey Monkey, and Certain conference management systems and incorporate these services and much more into a comprehensive membership management system. 
  • Increase CEMA's role to align State Homeland Security goals and objectives with EMPG goals and objectives.
  • Update CEMA website with historical records such as agendas, minutes and By-Laws versions.
  • Continue to move forward with the implementation of a new CEMA logo and marketing of the organization.
  • Operational Support
    • Continue support of the EOC/IMT interface program.
    • Continue to represent on the State Resource Mobilization and EOC / IMT Committees
    • Represent CEMA on appropriate First Net working groups

Become a Colorado-Certified Emergency Manager

CEMA's certification committee meets regularly to review applications for CO-AEM and -CEM recognition. To find more information on how to become a cetified emergency manager click on the following link:  CERTIFICATION INFORMATION PAGE  link. To learn more about certification requirements click on the following link:  CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS  and download application materials.

Time to renew your membership?

ONLINE RENEWALS ARE BACK!  Go to the Membership Page for details.

CEMA memberships are based on the calendar year, expiring December 31. If you have net yet had the opportunity to renew, there's still time - you can renew with your conference registration, or check our membership page for details.