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Emergency Manager 


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The certification program is a peer evaluation program that measures an applicant's education, training, experience and professional contribution. It provides an emergency manager the ability to be recognized for their abilities, increases marketability in career opportunities, aligns with the International Association of Emergency Managers certification program and increases the overall professional standards of the discipline. 

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CEM Package Submission 

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CO-CEM Certification Documents 

Certification Fees: 

$50 - Members
$100 - Non-members
For additional information or assistance, please check the Certification Q&A Forum

Colorado EOC Task Book 
Now Open

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The Colorado Emergency Management Association has entered a strategic partnership with the Colorado Office of Emergency Management, to manage the EOC Task Book certification program

The EOC Task Book program was created because:

  • There was no state-wide standard for EOC personnel.
  • It creates a professional standard for deployment to and operating in an EOC.
  • When disasters extend through multiple operational periods, additional EOC personnel are required.
The certification task book provides 4 levels of function.
  • A local certification tool
  • A job aid to use preparing to deploy into an EOC or during an EOC activation
  • A training tool to base curriculum on, or to train from the document.
  • A state professional certification
The program will provide: 
  • A standard for certification to ensure the basics are present in EOC personnel deploying into a disaster area.
  • EOC personnel certified on state systems and plans.
  • A person certified to execute critical tasks for the task books of EOC Manager, Planning Section Chief, Logistics Section Chief and Emergency Support Function roles (ESF).
  • Certified personnel who can provide relief for exhausted initial response EOC staff. 
  • A resource pool of personnel who can mobilized under the resource mobilization plan and fund. 
  • A professional standard that defines EOC operations as a critical and specialized skill of emergency managers.

For further information, please contact 

EOC Task Book Committee Chair
Richard Atkins