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Goals and Objectives of CEMA


  • Increase the profile of CEMA with other professional associations.
  • Represent CEMA's interests on state-wide issues.
  • Increase the relationship and presence of CEMA in DHSEM and represent the voice of emergency managers from across our great state.
  • Increase communications and involvement with our membership

2016 - 2017 Goals

  • Improve membership services and value to members.
  • Develop a resource center on our website and/or in drop box for emergency managers to post plans, exercises, training curriculum and relevant EM information.
  • Develop a process to recruit, process and welcome new members.
  • Develop a reliable membership database and implement a new membership management system.
  • Implement access to membership profiles within the membership management system.
  • Implement an IAEM scholarship program for 2-3 people to attend the IAEM's annual conference on a full all expenses paid scholarship. 
  • Improve communication with membership.
  • Enhance communications with our membership: with not just the google group.
  • Share information using pod casts that will provide updates and also interviews of people of the moment and of interest.
  • Certification
    • Develop a pathway for life & professional experience to become an associates level certified EM.
    • Promote the Certification process and implement an automated certification management process. 
  • Awards and recognition program
    • Update the current CEMA awards program to include new awards and elimination of outdated awards.
  • On line- Membership Process
    • Move away from the various services such as Pay Pal, Survey Monkey, and Certain conference management systems and incorporate these services and much more into a comprehensive membership management system. 
  • Increase CEMA's role to align State Homeland Security goals and objectives with EMPG goals and objectives.
  • Update CEMA website with historical records such as agendas, minutes and By-Laws versions.
  • Continue to move forward with the implementation of a new CEMA logo and marketing of the organization.
  • Operational Support
    • Continue support of the EOC/IMT interface program.
    • Continue to represent on the State Resource Mobilization and EOC / IMT Committees